Another 30 minutes of practice

Spent the first 5 – 10 minutes practicing strike ins and doublings to warm up. Then played 4 tunes, a few twice over, for a total of seven runs through, with approx. one minute  breather break between each. 

I seem to get slightly less out of breath in the last few minutes, but still I fizzle out enough to have to finish after 30 minutes.  They say perseverance pays.

Heads up only

Not much has been happening here in recent weeks. Be assured, I’m paddling like crazy beneath the water’s surface. Most of my time has been taken up with exam preparations. This does not mean that I have thrown my chanter and pipes aside to collect dust. Far from it.

However, I am merely keeping afloat by going through the SOTs (same old tunes), on both pipes and chanter. Not much focus other than to ensure that timing and technique is improving, or at least not deteriorating too much, as it is wont to do at times. 

Stay tuned. Normal programming will be resumed after June 18th. 

Cutting down to brainlet size…

I got off my plan. So, lets just take it back a bit, shall we? For this week I will

  • focus on just getting one tune working as flawlessly and to the beat as I can
  • keep in touch with the other tunes – by just revising them ie. not spend too much time on them at all


It just can’t get any simpler than that for my brainlet.