Taming the reed

After struggling with two new reeds ( supposedly low pressure…!) I finally am managing to play complete tunes on them, although there are still some patches where I lose the battle with the reed to a greater or lesser extend.

Below are two of my first attempts at playing a complete tune with the new reed ( and my strengthened diaphragm).

Warning: I only have two tenor drones open at this stage and the setup is totally untuned. I’ll be returning to the tuning part of my education shortly… as soon as I have ordered another set of chanter reeds.

The Dark Island

The Skye Boat Song

and the old standard, Amazing Grace,

Recordings after a bit of a hiatus

After a bit of time away from any serious practise due to exams, work and the extraordinarily exhausting search for a set of new wheels to get me to work and other more exciting places ( a search that is nearly at an end), I finally was able to pick up my practice chanter tonight and run through a few of my tunes at a slow pace.

So here they are:

Shores of Loch Bea

The Skye Boat Song

When the Battle is O’er

The March of the 42nd Gordon Highlanders