So, how’s that thumbnail going?

Almost three months have passed since my attempt at thumb-jam. Below is what it looks like today. The new nail is emerging, slowly but surely. Note the small round indentation in the centre of the nail. That’s the small hole my doctor drilled to release the accumulated blood and with it a lot of pain. Next time ( I dearly hope there won’t be a next time) I will know what to do. Get small needle, disinfect by heating the tip with a cigarette lighter ( find a smoker, they will always have one) and then gently start drilling it into the nail. It is a painless procedure and saves the trip to the medic. Too easy.

Thumb jam

Due to an attempt at crushing my thumb on Thursday, January 5th, my practice sessions have had to be postponed until the thumb is ready once more to carry the weight of a practice chanter.  The evidence is shown below. This photo was taken just before my courageous doctor drilled a few little holes into the base of the nail to release the blood.  The offender was the door of my 1986 Volvo 240GL wagon. They are very heavy doors, and I keep reminding all who travel in her to be aware of the weight of these doors.  I obviously forgot about that warning.

But all is good when this is just a temporary setback 🙂