Examining and eliminating crossing noises

In response to the advice given to me in Bagpipelessons Studio: Identify and Fix Your Crossing Noises, here is my first trial recording after practising the techniques to try to eliminate crossing noises for the G B movement:

Here are more recordings in an effort to track down and eliminate those pesky crossing noises:
G to C:

G to D:

G to E:

G to F:

G to High G

G to High A

A to C

A to D

A to F

A to High G

A to High A

B to D

B to F

B to High G

B to High A

C to E

C to F

C to High G

C to High A

D to E

D to F

D to High G

D to High A

E to High G

E to High A

That’s all folks! If you care to listen to any or all of these recordings and let me know how I went with avoiding crossing noises, I would appreciate it greatly.