Bagpipe pressure gauge and endurance.

So, I’ve had the pressure gauge attached for a while now. What I hate the most about it is that the tube is too short. I certainly can’t see the gauge when I’m playing. It should be long enough to attach it to a wall so that it is within line of sight.

The strike in’s were terrible today. I got 4/10 for those. I don’t know what I was doing wrong this time.

Achievement for today: minimal. I played the pipes for 30 minutes. But just as it became easier and nicer sounding, my own endurance gave way. I persevered long enough to fizzle out after the first bar of Loch Rannoch. No pain no gain. I will have to push myself to the end every day; this will be the only way for me to increase endurance. Tomorrow’s another day.

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