That monster!

So, just when I was at the point ( again) of tuning my pipes, the chanter reed started squealing big time and every time on low G and D. Ugh! So, in went a new reed, easy enough. But this reed was a bit harder than the old one and that was my downfall and backsliding with my pipes progress.

It took me two weeks to get strong enough to play that reed. No about of licking and squeezing was helping much.  I am now also making sure that I have at least two reeds on the go so that I will have one ready at any time if the other goes squealy.

The win for today was: I played The Dark Isle on the pipes. Very nice 🙂 To my biased ears anyway :P.

The Dark Isle

Here is my first best recording of it so far. I recorded it on my mobile phone so it sounds a bit tinny.  At least I managed to slow it down to recognizable speed 🙂

Below is my second recording. Does it sound like hard work? OK, it sounds workmanlike,  but there are improvements.