Back to those drones!

In the last few months I’ve been awfully busy with work and study. Now that the study part is temporarily out of the way, I can devote a little more time to my pipes, rather than just paddling along in maintenance mode.

I really need to learn to tune those pipes. Back to square one.

Frist, I tuned the tenor drones to each other. ┬áThen, I made sure that the two drones shut off at the same time when I apply maximum air pressure. That’s the easy part. The first recording below starts with the drones already tuned to each other, then I move them out of tune and back in. The change in sound from in-tune to out-of-tune to back in-tune is very noticeable.

Next, comes the bass drone. It is the most difficult for me. I have set the top section to expose about 10mm ( or 3/8 inch) of hemp, and the lower section started off with the being about two finger widths apart.

Does that bass drone still sound flat?